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Derrick Ray Ellis


Derrick Ray Ellis a.k.a. Ellis was born and raised in Detroit Michigan.  He was raised in a single parent home by his mother, Mary Ellis along with his three siblings, Cynthia, the eldest, older brother David and younger sister Wendy.  After graduating from high school and turning down a scholarship to Eastern Michigan University in Track and Field, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps,.  After receiving his honorable discharge papers from USMC, Ellis enrolled in Spec Howard School of Broadcasting, a private institution for television broadcasting in Southfield Michigan. Once he received his FCC license from Spec Howard, he enrolled in Wayne County Commumity College to major in journalism.

After completing less than a year of community college, Ellis married then Angela Anderson, and out of the union he adopted her son David Ellis and birthed one son Daniel Ray Ellis. This union lasted over twenty years.  During that time he was  employed  at Bardon Cable now known as Comcast  Cable in Detroit, Michigan,  where he worked as a Master Control Operator and public Access Coordinator.  Later Ellis found employment with Christian Television Network (CTN) where he was hired as a Production Assistant, and later as an Account Executive for the same company.  Soon after a major television network (WJBK) TV2  a CBS affiliate, hired him as a Robocam and Still- Store Operator.

As Ellis abilities increased, he was hired by William Lee Bonner, Pastor of Solomon’s Temple Church in Detroit Michigan as his Media Director for the Hour of Truth Ministry which aired weekly nationwide, and also the Manager of the Last Word Bible & Book Shop owned by Pastor Bonner.  While under the tutelage of Pastor Bonner, Ellis became an ordained Deacon with the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. and has earned a certificate from the  W.L. Bonner College in Leadership Training, and Introduction To Counseling.

After over a decade of employment with Pastor Bonner, Ellis moved his family from Detroit, Michigan to North Carolina where he changed his occupation from broadcasting to law enforcement.  He worked with the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Department and later matriculated to the Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer with the State of North Carolina.

After twenty years Ellis’ first marriage dissolved and he married his soul mate, wife Laura Ellis in September of 2010.  Ellis describe his wife as having the heart of Mahatma Gandhi and the spirit of Mother Teresa.  This union is truly a blessing from God which brought forth a step daughter Sylvia aka Lisa and step son Marcus.  During this union, Couples-4-Llife was formed.


Laura Ellis


Laura Gaines-Bey Ellis was born and raised in Westbury, New York.  Growing up with parents Sylvia Taylor Gaines, a principal and James Gaines a NYC Police Lieutenant, you can imagine how very structured and strict her upbringing was, but due to the love and spirit of her mother, it was still a fun, loving environment.  

Laura went to Lutheran Schools from first grade until graduating from high school at Long Island Lutheran High School.  It was a very positive environment in a world that was going through massive changes.

Laura graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science.  While Law School was to be her next step, Laura parents divorced while in college so she took a job with an insurance company to assist her mother with the mounting bills.

Laura then married, and as a result of that union came two wonderful children, Sylvia Lisa Lotte and Marcus Martin.  After 11 years of marriage, she spent her time raising her two children while also being very engaged in the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.  and continued to work for an insurance company.

In 2010, Laura met and married her soul mate, husband Derrick Ray Ellis.  He is a wonderful, kind, considerate, and spiritual man.  As a blessing to there union,  she has two step sons, David and Daniel Ray.  After Laura and Derrick’s marriage, They embarked on a religious journey and decided on Christianity.

Laura has now begun her passion to enhance the lives of others through healthy lifestyles which includes a balance of mind, body and soul.



Mission Statement:

The mission of Couples-4-Life is to enrich the relationship of those who are married, engaged or seeking to make a lifetime commitment. To enhance the union by analysis of personal experiences, communication, pitfalls, barriers, and to educate those that are seeking knowledge to provide them with hope.


To create successful, happy, healthy long term marriages and relationships and to decrease the divorce rate regardless of race, creed, national origin, religion, or socioeconomic conditions.


Where change is possible, if you really want it!


Trust,  Communication,  Faith,  Love.